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Before you begin

You have been invited to view this site because you have read the book ‘A World without Money or Politicians’ by Colin Walpole. If by chance you have not read it, the e-book version of ‘A World without Money or Politicians’, for reading on your Kindle or tablet, is available at 2.99 US dollars from Amazon. The paperback costs eight US dollars plus postage and packaging. I recommend that you read the book before participating in the debate.


Books have a certain energy, after months, often years of development up to publication, ownership changes and it is the reader who breathes new life and shines a new light on each turning page. Author, book and reader – separate entities, but connected. 

I experienced this recently when reading Mark Twain, a couple of paragraphs were so extraordinarily funny I felt compelled to phone my brothers in England and read it to them. Words written in the southern states of America over a century ago – read in Denmark and recalled over the air to ears in London. 

If the sentiments in the book ‘A World without Money or Politicians’ are to be more than a benign rant, then its energy and, just as importantly, the readers energy, has to propel the ideas forward. 

But what is the next step? That has been a nag ever since I started writing ‘The Lives and Deaths of Terry Toft.’ Where is this going to lead? What was I getting into? Was I going to write this novel and then walk away? Perhaps you are familiar with that nag. A minuscule kernel sits in a remote part of the brain like a stubborn tickle at the back of the throat. The kernel grows and becomes a driving force. I resisted this force initially, primarily due to the enormity of the task and perhaps due to a lack of courage. Invariably, the everyday distractions of life dragged me away and I postponed, prevaricated, wriggled and twisted, until the overwhelming evidence of the unfairness of the current system put me back on track, adrenalin surged, blood pumped. 

You may be reading this in any part of the world, perhaps illegally and under an oppressive regime. The following, although targeted at the UK, may also apply to your area.  

The time has arrived to form the movement ‘The Democratic Communist System of Government’ based on the principles outlined in the little green book. To call it a Political Party would be ironic, but I suppose that is what it would be until everything was in place, a broad membership, a candidate in every constituency, an election won and power passed over to the people. 

That last paragraph seems absurd, and it seems absurd that an isolated individual sitting alone in front of a keyboard assumes that he can create a movement which has the potential to change the world. But the world is full of absurdities – the Indian women living in cardboard boxes, the dead baby and the little Brazilian boy featured in the book – and not forgetting the hedge fund manager. 

You need not look far to find an abundance of absurdities. 

If you wish to be a part of this movement, please write your comments here. Give details of how you can help – what skills you have to offer. I realise that a whole team has to be formed, legal experts, economic experts (yes, more irony) articulate, quick thinking minds that can argue and persuade in an honest, and matter of fact way. I am not a politician, as I have made clear. Perhaps there are some people out there, retired politicians, or those who are motivated, but would not touch politics with a barge pole. People whose insight leads them to conclusions similar to mine but who mistrust the current system. 

It will be this body of people whose task it will be to complete the manifesto, establish ‘articles of association’ and ‘memorandum of particulars’ (if necessary). The legal registration of such a movement, the laws and guidelines are specialist areas outside my remit, as are the constitutional implications, which are complex and different for each country.

Book cover of "A world without money or politicians" by Colin Walpole