I have been advised that there should be some information about the author of ‘A World without Money and Politicians,’ and of course if we all have a favourite subject, it’s ourselves. To be balanced, contributions from friends and foes should be included – I’m certain they will come, so I’ll get my retaliation in first.

If you have read my little green book you will know enough about me already. If you have shared a beer with me, or played rugby with me, then you will know me in a different way. 

I am separated but still married to my Danish wife, we holiday together and enjoy family gatherings as before. I have two grown up sons who also live in Denmark. 

Back in 1996 I started Odder Rugby Club which has been tremendous fun. I have made many friends (and a few enemies). I am still very much involved with the club and currently coach ‘Odder Ladies’, our women’s rugby team. 

I started writing a few years back and had I started earlier I might have been quite good. I have written a novel, some children’s stories and some short stories. There are some unfinished bits and pieces which I plan to tidy up by the end of 2017. 

It doesn’t matter where or when I was born, nor does it matter where I live. In the wider picture, I am no more or less important than the four souls that I plucked from obscurity to help illustrate my argument. But for those who are interested – I’m fast approaching seventy and find that I’m slowing down a bit. I’ve kept myself fairly fit and played twenty minutes of rugby for my old club, Bromley in April of 2017, (I could have managed a whole game) but thanks for that Bromley, and everything else – far too much to list here. I love Beethoven, Brahms, Sibelius and – sorry classical snobs – Gilbert and Sullivan. Because I don’t drink or take drugs, it is music that I depend on for my highs, to the point that I don’t drive while listening to classical music. I can also be quite obsessive, I had a spell of about two years when I listened to the Sibelius Violin Concerto virtually every day. When I die I want it to be with the voice of Maria Callas swimming in my brain.

Colin Walpole